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Welcome to the Charles A. Yost Research Library & Archive

Charles A. Yost (1933-2005) was a visionary and innovator whose primary interest was advanced research in electric force propulsion with an aim to power vehicles for long distance space travel.

In 1991, Yost founded Electric Spacecraft, Inc. and organized a global Network of like-minded individuals to assist independent research efforts, facilitate cooperation among experimenters, and provide an open forum for the exchange of ideas. The Electric Spacecraft Journal, published by ESI until 2010, was the primary means of dissemination of information to its subscribers and the Network.

Through ESI and a lifetime of personal collecting, Yost amassed many books, papers, videos, notebooks, letters and other documents relevant to the study of electrostatics, electromagnetics, atomic physics, gravity, inertia, energy and aether concepts, and more.

This legacy site was created as a means to fulfill Charles Yost's wishes to support and encourage study in the natural and physical sciences. Money raised from the sale of items on this site goes to support the Library and other research and educational endeavors defined by the Research Center Trust.

Electric Spacecraft Journal #41 Book, Videos and Toys from the Charles A. Yost Research Library and Archive Papers and letters from the Charles A. Yost Research Library and Archive